Info Loker Terbaru Gunung Sari Pratama (Surabaya) Januari 2023


Gunung Sari Pratama (Surabaya) PT Surabaya
Kantor Pusat:
Jl.Pandegiling No 83 Surabaya

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Create company SOP in general
Create SOP in each department
Create KPI in each department
Create reward & punishment in each department
Create company regulation Peraturan Perusahaan
Create employee contract PKWT, PKWTT, etc
Create SOP for suppliers
Create contract between company and suppliers
Create SOP for customers
Create contract between company and customers
Implement all the SOP for both internal & external of the company
Recruiting potential candidate to strengthen the company in general and each department in specific


Female / Male
Age 30 – 50 years old
Minimum educational degree of Bachelor
Have a strong integrity, credibility and professionalism
Having experience minimum 3 years in Human Resources and Legal
Have a good communication skill
Have a good negotiation skill
Understand the government regulation of employment (ketenagakerjaan) procedure in Indonesia

Tentang Perusahaan

PT Gunung Sari Pratama (GSP) is an Indonesian-owned firm of committed professionals offering one-stop telecommunication network solutions.

Our company upholds business professionalism & ethical conduct in our customer relationships. A commitment to honesty and truth in our negotiations, adherence to strong safety guidelines and a desire to provide the best products & services at a competitive cost.

Our company is built on a strong partnership with our clients and our international principal to support Indonesia in having a high performance fiber optic infrastructure so all the people in Indonesia can have a great internet quality, access the data and convert it into supportive information needed and foremost succeeding the implementation of 5G in Indonesia.

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